So, the makers of Karafun Studio made it unavailable.

Because people could make and share files that had copyrighted materials in them.

What the hell did they expect?

So in the interest of karaoke fans everywhere (okay, only karaoke fans here, but still), I had to find a solution.

And I found one.

I'm going to spare you any more details, but I have here created an archive that has everything you could ever want.

The Player, the Studio, and - most importantly - a patch that will make your Studio into a full, registered version, with instructions in both English and Swedish.

I find this okay because there's no way to download or buy it at all anymore.

And that would have meant the end of some things.

But karaoke is now saved.

You can download it right here. Whatever you do, make damn sure you read the readme first or shit ain't gonna work. You'll need 7zip to unpack it because I'm trying to make people stop using WinRAR.

Some important things have been brought to my attention..

First of all, it appears that some antivirus programs detect the patch file as a virus. This is, as far as I have been able to ascertain, a false positive. There is not actually any virus. Some overzealous antivirus programs will prevent you from running the file, or in extreme cases, delete the file outright without asking you. If this happens to you, disable all antivirus protection you have and try again.

Additionally, it seems that something has happened somewhere that, well, makes it impossible to open KaraFun Studio. Luckily, we have a solution to this too. The same error has been observed on three completely different systems, and the same solution has worked for all of them - if you get an error message looking something like this when you try to start KaraFun Studio, then you need to run it while not connected to the internet, as this has been proven to be what causes the error. Once you have started it, you can connect again, but you need to disconnect again to start it back up if you exit. If you know how to work with firewalls, it also works to go into the firewall settings and simply block Karafun Studio.exe from accessing the internet. I'll write specific instructions for how to do this in Windows Firewall later.

What has not been tested is trying to install the program after this error started to pop up. If you run into any issues while installing, please contact me with the details, and also try installing while not connected to the internet (if you've tried to install, remember to uninstall everything before you try again).

If any of the mirrors don't work, or you want to help out and mirror the file yourself, please e-mail me at

The karaoke guide (still only in Swedish) can now be found here. A slightly more elegant version will eventually be made available on the new Raison d'Ítre website, when there is a new Raison d'Ítre website. In the meantime, you can visit the Raison d'Ítre Discord chat and talk karaoke with us. In Swedish.